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Education and training

Highly focused marketing support

Today’s demanding business environment means qualifications are more vital than ever. Vocational education, apprenticeships and bespoke training courses are all increasingly desirable as a means to enhance a company’s skill base and an individual’s prospects.

BradleyDyer Raw understands the need to promote a single educational service to two distinct audiences: the companies that offer training and the students who undertake it.

Student communication

Talking their language

Students come in all sorts of guises meaning you can’t adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your marketing messages can only hit home if you talk their language and communicate through the right channels.

So do you pick traditional advertising, e-marketing or even DM? Or perhaps innovative new media, such as viral, interactive or even guerilla? We’ll help you identify the right channels and create appropriate messages - all designed to deal with the issues key which influence a student’s decision-making process.

Corporate communication

An understanding of the key skills

The right development programme can fundamentally enhance the core skills within a company, in turn adding real value to the business.

BradleyDyer Raw can help promote your services by segmenting and tailoring your messages, ensuring they strike the right chord with business users. The result? Focused communications that not only meet your strategic objectives but also help build a stronger brand.