Digital revolution

Raw360 is the latest addition to BradleyDyer Raw's offering. Innovation-led, Raw360 pushes the boundaries of CGI design and visualisation in dynamic style.

At Raw360 we are passionate about architecture, design, photography and graphics, but above all, how CGI technology can enhance their application in every area of marketing. We combine artistic talent with technical expertise and an understanding of design to create emotive material that brings ideas to life.

Ours are not run-of-the-mill CGIs. CGI technology is amazingly sophisticated and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of its capabilities to enhance the user’s experience. New applications such as movement, 360° vision and interactive fly-arounds really bring CGI to life in dramatic clarity.

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Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation

We combine a deep understanding of architecture, technical expertise, creative flair and an eye for detail, to create powerful visual imagery.

Interior Visualisation

Interior Visualisation

Our creative vision allows us to complement the interior design process and enhance your ideas to really bring them to life.

VR and Interactive

VR & Interactive

In an ever-changing world, with so many new digital interactive platforms available, we are able to blend technologies to bring brands to life in ways consumers have never experienced before.

Conceptual Visualisation

Conceptual Visualisation

Sometimes all we have to work with is a thumbnail sketch! We help bring concepts to life, allowing ideas to be tested and developed.

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