We place your users at the heart of our strategy

By placing your users at the heart
of your strategy, you can differentiate yourself
dramatically from the competition.

Business GoalsBusiness goals

Your business goals for your project may be as simple as increasing profit for a specific quarter, reducing shopping cart abandonment or engaging 20% more users on Twitter.


User needs Users needs

By aligning these business goals with your users’ needs, your chance of success increases. Why are users doing what they do? What do they want? How can you provide it?

At BradleyDyer Raw we can help
you achieve this by...


Stepping into
their shoes.


Learning about
their goals and needs...

"As a an account holder I want to access my acount securely so that I can confidently check my balance while I’m abroad."

As a patient I want to log my results so that I don’t have to take time off work.

...to steer our thinking.


their journeys...

Mapping their journeys

...by defining the key touchpoints, interactions and flows.


Examining the data

To look for trends that will inform our thinking.

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Generating ideas

Generating ideas

Identifying and developing the best ones.


Prototyping solutions

Prototyping solutions Prototyping solutions Prototyping solutions

To see if our concepts are viable.


Testing the hypotheses

Testing the hypotheses

We test our designs with real people. We spot problems early on in the process, perfect them for launch, and continue to assess and develop after a solution has gone live.

At BradleyDyer Raw we don’t stop
when your deadline has been met.