Ski Dubai - Olaf's Frozen Adventure

Ski Dubai - Olaf's Frozen Adventure

Ski Dubai

The Challenge

Ski Dubai

To create a magical experience at Ski Dubai, aligning with Olaf’s latest big screen exploit, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, that genuinely thrills and delights the children visiting Ski Dubai, making it a must see experience.

Take children on a journey that entertains and educates them about the variety of Christmas traditions from around the world and how it is celebrated by different cultures/families.

Position Ski Dubai as a destination for a unique Christmas experience for both locals and tourists alike. Drive visitors to the Frozen retail pop up through innovative retail delivery and increase ticket sales.

The Outcome

Awareness and footfall drive

To increase ticket sales and drive awareness, we produced a pop-up stand which was situated in the local cinema. Tickets for both the film and experience were available along with merchandise.


To uplift sales we themed the merchandise area to capture attention. For extra surprise and delight, the children were able to look through a magic window to glimpse Olaf in action.

The Experience

We delivered a magical forest adventure within Ski Dubai which encompassed the spirit of Olaf, whilst educating families on various Christmas traditions.

Ski Dubai