Met Traders

Met Traders

The Brief

Digital Marketing

Met Group is a highly successful proprietary trading company, specialising in futures trading in exchange rate markets and oil markets. It has its own model for successful trading, which it uses to train new traders joining the company under its Met Traders scheme.

iMac displaying Met Traders

Our brief was to improve the quantity and quality of Met Traders applicants and make it easier to identify promising candidates.

The Solution

We proposed and delivered a bespoke website for Met Traders, breaking out of the existing corporate website structure and providing a dedicated experience for the ideal audience.

We identified this audience by carrying out a detailed profiling exercise of Met’s best traders and recent graduates, which helped us to identify the best digital marketing channels to reach more of them.

The website also includes an interactive quiz to engage prospective traders in a competitive challenge and test their aptitude for the Met Traders course, making it easier for Met to pre-select only the best candidates to invite for interview.

The Results

"The new Met Traders website is bright and punchy and looks great. It really represents our distinctive offer, which is totally different to the city banks. The test is an excellent way to automate what was a really time-intensive selection process and filter out unsuitable candidates right away. The administration side of the site is really easy to use and it’s much better that we own and manage this ourselves now, rather than relying on a third party to hold all the data for us." Adam Broadbent & Vicky Sherwood, Met Group