Disney - K.C. Undercover

Disney - K.C. Undercover

Disney - K.C.

The Brief

We were commissioned by the Disney Channel to create a digital campaign for the launch of K.C. Undercover. The series follows K.C. Cooper, a high school maths genius who is recruited by her parents after discovering that they are undercover spies. Each episode centres on K.C. and her family as they contend with common familial issues while also undertaking missions to save the country.

Key objective

  • The aim of the campaign was to create intrigue and drive tune in to this major new live action series.

The Solution

We gave K.C. Undercover a big movie launch feel by using high impact Out Of Home media channels, complemented by a strong mobile and off-air campaign.

We created a series of 10-second spots that played out across 14 large format digital banners across the UK, every 60 seconds. Our imaginative use of green screen footage of K.C. enabled her to interact with the messaging and created visual disruption and engagement. The banner creative changed at certain times of the day; for example, in the evening a searchlight highlighted key content.

The Results

The first episode of K.C. Undercover was the show premiere of the year to date (April 2015) across paid-for TV channels.

The viewing figures continue to go from strength to strength.