BradleyDyer Raw - advent calendar

BradleyDyer Raw - advent calendar

BradleyDyer Raw - Advent Calendar

The Brief

Our new Group Creative Director was challenged to prove his credentials with the BradleyDyer Raw Christmas card.

We wanted to show off our digital skills, our creative ideas and our personality.

We also wanted to provide some festive entertainment for our clients and thank them for choosing BradleyDyer Raw.

BradleyDyer Raw - Advent Calendar

The Solution

We developed an interactive digital advent calendar game that gave away festive prizes every day from 1st to 24th December.

Not the first people ever to have developed a digital advent calendar, we wanted to make ours a bit more personal. We modelled the scene on our very own office building, EcoSpace house - photographing and comping in the necessary snow and twinkly lights.

We also set up an in-house film studio for a day to capture video footage of our team opening their windows and singing out of a chimney top.

Even though Christmas 2014 is now over,
you can still visit the calendar and open an example door.

The Results

We invited all of our contacts by email and achieved a 54% open rate and 35.8% click throughs to the calendar.

Through referrals to friends and family, lots more people came to visit - 145% of the original reach target.

On average, people spent a minute on the calendar each time and repeat visitors came back to try their luck 9-14 times.

BradleyDyer Raw - Advent Calendar